What is Huddle Up?

Black males appearing at the bottom of all positive academic and societal measures and at the top of all negative measures is an old story. In order to envision a future that is different from the present we have to change the conversation and the approach to improve educational and life outcomes for black males.

This is not simply a school issue, this is a societal issue based in a long history of implicit bias, systemic racism.

We can’t change educational outcomes without addressing the root cause. Huddle Up’s goal is to improve the educational outcomes for African American males beginning in the early, formative years of school by improving relationships between schools, family and community  and ensuring a sense of trust, hope, well-being and belonging for our most vulnerable, yet critically valuable members of our society…black males.

Huddle Up brings together district level administrators, school level leaders, teachers, parents, community organizations, community leaders and law enforcement to change the perception of what a future can look like for black males. Schools are where children spent the most time and therefore need to be transformational not transactional. Community must be an authentic term. We must have the best interests of youth in mind and the courage to “call out” colleagues for poor behavior